Events Schedule Saturday 3 February 2018

Start of OinKritika 2018
Greeting from the organizers:

“OinoKritika N.P.O.”

and Wine Center of Crete

Greeting from the co-organisers: Region of Crete and the Municipality of Chania.


First presentation, to the public, of the proposal made by the company Oencretan Amke

and the Agricultural University of Athens in the context of the Rés programme

And the consultation which took place in October in the region of Crete,

On the certification of the authenticity of the Cretan wines produced.


Mr. Kotseridis Giorgos, professor of Oenology at the Agricultural University of Athens,

Mr. Tzobanakis Nektarios, member and financial officer of OinoKritika N.P.O.,

Mr. Rozakis Stelios, associate professor at the Technical University of Crete, in the field of operational research in Georgia.


Children’s painting exhibition

Throughout the day will be exhibited works of students and pupils on the vineyard, on the ground floor. From the kindergartens:

“Paidokipos ” (Director Mrs. Papadpetrou Ioanna)
and “Treasure ” (Director Mrs. Mathioudaki Stella).
The entrance to the exhibition is free.
Sponsorship of exhibition stationery: Bookshop “Cube”.
Another amazing work of young students

1) Children’s Station of Chania “Paidokipos ” by Mrs. Papadpetrou Ioanna. In the framework of the program “Workshop for children on grape and Vine “, the nursery “Paidokipos ” presented for the OinoKritika 2018, individual work of children on grape and wine, in the ground floor North room of the cam (big Arsenali)

2) in the framework of the program “Children’s Workshop on grapes and Vine “, the nursery “Treasure ” of Mrs. Stelios Mathioudakis presented the children’s group projects for the OinoKritika 2018, in the ground-floor North room of the CAM (Grand Arsenali).

In order to carry out these two exhibitions of children’s works that with such talent and sensitivity were curated by the young pupils of the two nursery ‘ paidokipos ‘ and “treasure ” materials (stationery, paints, adhesives) offered the art bookstore ” Cube “Of Mrs Kiki Stratinakis, located at a. Papandreou Street 20-22 in Chania, Tel 28210 41606, which was also this year, as last year for the children’s Workshop.

Start of wine exhibition

At this year’s event, 19 Cretan wineries take part

(from the wine networks of Crete and from independent and young wine producers of Crete).

In the context of their educational character, this year’s OinoKritika  has an invited winery area in Naoussa.

The Association of Wineries and winegrowers of Naoussa, consisting of 19 wineries, participates with the famous variety Xinomavro.

Principles of wine tasting seminars by Mr. Zinevrakis Vasileios

  • 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm Melodic wine tasting

Accompanied by contemporary Cretan music with: K. Sini Yannis-lute, K. Pitsani Aki-Lyra.

  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 p.m.
    Cocktails with Cretan wine.
    In collaboration with the Boheme Restaurant-Bar.

  • 9:30 pm Jazz Duet (until the end of the evening)

Music accompaniment with: Mr. Olofsson Stefan-piano, Mr. Durmarque Matthieu-saxophone.