As an OinoKritika N.P.O. we work for the protection and promotion of the vineyard of all Crete, as a cultural product that needs continuous development, new opportunities and continuous projection, investing in the margins of improvement of the Greek and the Cretan wine.

Therefore, from this year (2018): We inaugurated in the institution of OinoKritika the exchange of wine information of indigenous varieties of wine of Crete with 1 indigenous Greek variety (different each year) and even coming from P.D.O. region (P. O. π = protected Designation of origin).

For the 2018 guest in Chania Crete was the Greek variety Xinomavro (P. O. P. naoussa).

Native Greek varieties famous by the world

Masterclass Xinomavro (for 2018 the guest in Crete, a Greek variety PDO = Protected Designation of origin)
presentation, testing and analysis of 8 different xinomayrwn P.D.O. Naoussa.
Took part Xinomavro P.D.O. Naoussa from the wineries
(alphabetically): Boutari, Vaeni, Argatia, Dalamara, Thymiopoulos, Kelesidi, Kir Yianni, Chrysochoou.
Presented by: Mr. Georgiadis Christoforos (Ktima Argatia),
Mr. Thymiopoulos Apostolis (Thymiopoulos vineyards).

MasterClass Ξινόμαυρο

From the masterclass Liatiko of the OinoKritika 2018 (honored for the 2018 Indigenous Cretan variety)
Which was for the 2018 the Cretan variety PDO (Protected designation of origin). and P.G.I. (Protected Geographical indication).

They took part of Liatika P.D.O. and P.G.I. from the wineries
(alphabetically) Douloufakis, Efrosini, Daskalaki Silva, Lyaraki, Economou.

MasterClass Liatiko

Photo Gallery MasterClass Liatiko

The wine information exchanged by the winemakers of our island with the respective ones of Naoussa, as well as the friendships that developed among them in the hospitable Chania, was beyond the expected.

Π.Ο.Π. Νάουσα

Tasty Hospitality

The chefs of eco-Cretans 2018:

Mr. Apostolakis Ioannis from the Cretan gastronomy network, who cooked for all participants exhibitors of the wine-Cretans 2018 with a delicious special type of bakery stuffed with Anthotyro and Apaki, and materials offered by the Mills of Crete, Cheese Hondrakis and the sausages of Paterakis.

And Mr. Joseph Petrof, from the Academy of Gastronomy and Tourism of Mr. Manolis Georgiou

who prepared “The map of colours ” with his collaborators incredible canapés with materials from the store fish aromas of earth, which combined with wines of OinoKritika 2018….

7:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Melodic Wine Tasting
Accompanied by classical music.
Play: K. Zgouridis Emmanouil-cello,
Mr Edmond Aleksi-violin

9:00 pm (until the end of the evening)

With the Accordia complex

In collaboration with the artistic program Chaniart-2018

Works of art from private collections, on Vine and wine.